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Linn State Technical College granted HVAC Excellence Accreditation

Linn State Technical College in Linn, Missouri has been granted accreditation of their Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) program by HVAC Excellence.

This is very important to the HVAC industry and the people in Linn, MO.  The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics recently stated that the HVAC industry will be one of the fastest growing industries over the next decade.  These are jobs that cannot be exported or automated and will have to be performed here on American soil.

To make certain that Linn State was preparing their graduates at the highest level; they decided to seek third party validation (accreditation) of their program.

Programmatic accreditation is where an independent third party (HVAC Excellence) reviews a program against set educational and industry standards in: curriculum, faculty, student facilities, placement services, financial aid, and advisory committee involvement, training facilities, equipment & safety.

In seeking accreditation, the staff at Linn State had to complete and submit a self-study evaluation of their program that demonstrates how they meet each required standard.  The self-study once completed was sent to HVAC Excellence for their executive team to thoroughly assess for compliance against each standard.

HVAC Excellence having approved of the self-study sent an onsite team to conduct an intense onsite review of the program.  Having reviewed all of the findings, HVAC Excellence decided to grant the accreditation of the program.

As an accredited program, Linn State can: provide employers with confidence in the quality of the program, assist students with transfer credits and help the students with advanced placement in the United Association apprenticeship program.

To learn more about Linn State Technical College and their nationally recognized program visit program chair Ben Berhorst at: Linn State Technical College, One Technology Drive, Linn, MO 65051, call him at 573.897.5118.

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